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Tourism and Brexit: What’s the Impact?

Tourism and Brexit: What’s the Impact?

How does Brexit affect tourism?


Brexit, Britain’s exit from the European Union, has caused a lot of uncertainty and anxiety in various industries. One of the affected sectors is tourism. The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the EU could have significant repercussions on this valuable industry. So, how does Brexit affect tourism?

Impact on UK tourism

Brexit has had a mixed effect on UK tourism. The uncertainty surrounding Brexit saw a drop in the number of tourists visiting the UK in the months leading up to the referendum. However, since then, the industry has continued to grow, with the UK maintaining its position as a key tourist destination.

One major advantage for UK tourism is the weakened pound, which has made the UK more affordable for foreign visitors. As a result, the country has seen an increased number of tourists from countries such as China and the US.

Impact on European tourism

Brexit is likely to have a more significant impact on European tourism. The main concern is the potential introduction of border checks between the UK and the EU. If this happens, it could lead to longer waiting times, causing inconvenience for tourists visiting the UK from Europe.

Moreover, a ‘no-deal’ Brexit could result in higher travel costs, as airlines may lose access to European routes, leading to a reduction in competition and higher prices.


Overall, the full impact of Brexit on tourism is still unknown. Although the UK may become more affordable for foreign visitors, the uncertainty surrounding border checks and increased travel costs may deter European tourists from visiting. Nonetheless, a well-managed Brexit could benefit the UK tourism industry.