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Singapore’s Spirited F&B Cognoscente Couple

Singapore’s Spirited F&B Cognoscente Couple

Their Journey in the F&B Industry

Singapore’s gastronomical scene is a blend of different cuisines and cultures, offering a diverse array of culinary experiences. In this bustling food haven, there are numerous F&B players who are making their mark in the industry. One such couple is Audrey Lim and Wesley Tan, who have made a name for themselves by bringing unique experiences to the diners of Singapore.

Audrey Lim and Wesley Tan are passionate about food and hospitality. They started their journey in the F&B industry by founding a consultancy firm, where they offered their expertise to help restaurants improve their operations. This allowed them to gain insights into the industry and identify gaps that they could fill.

The Rise of Happy Ending Pizza Parlour

One such gap was the lack of genuine New York-style pizza in Singapore. Audrey and Wesley decided to fill this void by opening Happy Ending Pizza Parlour in 2017. Happy Ending Pizza Parlour is the first restaurant in Singapore to offer a slice of authentic New York pizza.

The restaurant’s name is a quirky play on words, referencing the happy endings that are commonly associated with massages and the end of a meal. The pizza is the star of the menu, with dough imported from New York and cooked at high temperatures in a stone oven. The toppings are classic, with options like pepperoni and mushroom.

Creativity in Lockdown

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Singapore, Audrey and Wesley were forced to shut down Happy Ending Pizza Parlour temporarily. However, they did not let this setback dampen their spirits. They quickly pivoted their business model and launched a new concept – Happy Ending Pizza & More.

Happy Ending Pizza & More is a creative take on the traditional pizza parlour. In addition to pizza, they now offer an eclectic range of dishes like Korean fried chicken and vegan nachos. The menu changes seasonally, showcasing the couple’s innovation and creativity in the kitchen.

Hospitality with Heart

Audrey and Wesley are not just F&B entrepreneurs – they are hospitality experts. They believe in going the extra mile for their customers and creating memorable experiences. The duo is known to treat their guests like family, often sitting down and sharing a meal with them.

Their passion for hospitality and dedication to their craft have not gone unnoticed. Happy Ending Pizza Parlour has been featured in numerous publications, including The Straits Times, Lonely Planet, and Time Out Singapore. Audrey and Wesley have also been recognized for their contribution to the industry, winning awards such as the Singapore Tatler Best Restaurants Award.


Audrey Lim and Wesley Tan are a testament to the spirit and passion of F&B entrepreneurs in Singapore. Their dedication to their craft and creativity in the kitchen have set them apart in the industry. Happy Ending Pizza Parlour and Happy Ending Pizza & More are a reflection of their commitment to offering unique experiences to diners in Singapore.