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Should you book now or last minute?

Should you book now or last minute?


Planning a vacation or a trip can be both exciting and overwhelming. Among many decision-making factors, the timing of booking your travel arrangements have an impact. In this guide, we will discuss the pros and cons of booking in advance versus waiting until the last minute.

Advantages of Booking Now

  • You can secure your preferred accommodation, flight seat, or tour schedule
  • You can take advantage of early-bird discounts or promotional deals
  • You have more time for itinerary planning, packing, and other arrangements

Disadvantages of Booking Now

  • You may miss out on last-minute deals or price drops
  • Your plans may change and you may not be able to cancel or modify your booking easily or cheaply
  • You may feel locked into a set schedule or destination, limiting your flexibility and spontaneity

Advantages of Booking Last Minute

  • You can snag cheap or heavily discounted prices
  • You can take advantage of unsold inventory of airlines, hotels, or travel companies
  • You can be more flexible in terms of destination, schedule, and activities

Disadvantages of Booking Last Minute

  • You may have limited options or availability for your preferred destination or itinerary
  • You may have to settle for less convenient or desirable accommodations or travel arrangements
  • You may encounter additional stress or unexpected expenses for rushed planning, packing, or last-minute changes


Ultimately, the decision of whether to book now or last minute depends on your priorities, preferences, and circumstances. If you value certainty, ease, and premium options, booking in advance may be the way to go. If you are flexible, adventurous, and focused on savings, waiting until the last minute may pay off. Regardless, it’s always wise to do your research, compare prices, and gauge your risks and rewards before making a final call.