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Home » London’s Jermyn Street Residence: The Wellington Club

London’s Jermyn Street Residence: The Wellington Club

London’s Jermyn Street Residence: The Wellington Club

The Wellington Club, Jermyn Street, London

The Wellington Club is a highly exclusive private members’ club located in the heart of London’s fashionable Jermyn Street. With a history dating back to the early nineteenth century, it has long been a favourite haunt of the city’s elite.


The club was founded in 1832 as the Military and Naval Club, with the aim of providing a luxurious home away from home for officers serving overseas. The building, which was originally a private residence, was extensively renovated and outfitted with all the latest amenities.

Over the years, the club has hosted a long list of distinguished guests, including members of the royal family, prime ministers, and war heroes. One of its most famous members was Sir Winston Churchill, who was known to enjoy a few drinks at the club’s bar.


The club’s facilities are second to none. Members have access to a fully-equipped gym, a sauna, and a steam room, as well as a range of wellness and beauty treatments. There are also private dining rooms, a large bar and lounge area, and a cigar terrace. The club’s library is renowned for its extensive collection of rare books and manuscripts.


Membership of the Wellington Club is strictly by invitation only. Prospective members must demonstrate that they are of good standing and have a strong personal and professional reputation. The application process can be lengthy, with current members required to nominate and write a supporting statement for a new member.

Once accepted, however, membership of the club is highly valued. Members enjoy an exclusive network of contacts and business opportunities, as well as the opportunity to socialise and relax in luxurious surroundings.


The Wellington Club is one of London’s most exclusive private members’ clubs, with a proud tradition of catering to the city’s elite. From its early days as a military and naval club to its present-day role as a hub for business and social connections, the club has always been at the forefront of London’s social scene. For those lucky enough to be granted membership, it remains a highly desirable destination.