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Home » Is Singapore’s MBS Your Epicurean Destination This Summer?

Is Singapore’s MBS Your Epicurean Destination This Summer?

Is Singapore’s MBS Your Epicurean Destination This Summer?

Is Singapore’s MBS Your Epicurean Destination This Summer?

If you are looking for the ultimate epicurean destination this summer, look no further than Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands (MBS). This iconic luxury hotel and resort offers everything you need to indulge in the finest dining experiences and culinary delights.

The Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Singapore

With over 80 restaurants to choose from, MBS is home to some of the best fine dining experiences in Singapore. Whether you are looking for modern cuisine or traditional dishes, MBS has something to suit every palate.

CUT by Wolfgang Puck

For an unforgettable steakhouse experience, head to CUT by Wolfgang Puck. This award-winning restaurant showcases the finest cuts of meat from around the world and offers an extensive wine list to complement your meal.

Waku Ghin

If Japanese cuisine is your preference, you must try Waku Ghin. This Michelin-starred restaurant offers a unique dining experience where chefs prepare your meal right in front of you. The menu includes seasonal and rare ingredients, making it the perfect spot for a special occasion.

Savor Asian Cuisine and Street Food

When it comes to Asian cuisine and street food, Singapore is world-renowned for its flavors and spice. MBS is no exception, with numerous restaurants offering a wide range of Asian dishes and street food.


Located in the lobby of MBS, Chinoiserie offers an extensive menu that features traditional Chinese cuisine and dim sum. The restaurant is popular for its delectable dishes and panoramic views of the city.

Rasapura Masters

If you are looking for street food, head to Rasapura Masters. This food court is located on Level 1 of MBS and offers a wide range of Asian dishes, including Laksa, Satay, and Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Unwind with Cocktails and Drinks

After indulging in some of the finest cuisine in Singapore, it’s time to unwind with some signature cocktails and drinks. MBS offers a variety of bars and lounges that offer breathtaking views of the city skyline.

Cé La Vi

This luxurious rooftop bar and lounge is one of the most popular spots in MBS. With stunning views of the Marina Bay and the Singapore skyline, Cé La Vi is the perfect place to unwind with a cocktail or two.

Spago Bar and Lounge

If you prefer a more casual atmosphere, head to Spago Bar and Lounge. This rooftop lounge offers an extensive menu of craft cocktails and light bites, making it the perfect spot to relax and take in the views of the city.


Whether you are a foodie, a lover of Asian cuisine, or simply looking for a luxurious place to unwind, Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands has it all. With its incredible variety of dining experiences and bars, you will be hard-pressed to find a more epicurean destination this summer than MBS.