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Home » Hotel Review – Chalet Royal, Veysonnaz, Switzerland

Hotel Review – Chalet Royal, Veysonnaz, Switzerland

Hotel Review – Chalet Royal, Veysonnaz, Switzerland

Hotel Review – Chalet Royal, Veysonnaz, Switzerland


If you are searching for a dreamy getaway in the mountains where you can relax and indulge in the luxuries of life, Chalet Royal in Veysonnaz, Switzerland, might be exactly what you are looking for. The hotel is located in the beautiful Swiss Alps with magnificent views and offers exceptional service, making it an ultimate destination for vacation.


Chalet Royal has a wide range of accommodations to suit every type of traveler, from couples to families or groups. The hotel offers ten spacious suites, each fully furnished with modern amenities and decorated with a blend of contemporary and traditional designs. Each suite is accompanied by a private balcony that provides mesmerizing views of the mountains and the valley, perfect for unwinding.

Facilities and Amenities

Chalet Royal has an assortment of facilities and amenities that guests can indulge in. These range from a well-equipped fitness room, a spa offering massage and sauna facilities, a games room, and an indoor swimming pool. In the evening, guests can relax by the bar and enjoy good music while soaking in the ambiance.

Dining Options

The hotel boasts a gourmet restaurant, which is renowned for its succulent and exquisite cuisine. The restaurant menu comprises of locally sourced ingredients, prepared by a chef who is world-class. Guests can also indulge in a variety of Swiss wines to accompany their meals.


Located at the very top spot of Veysonnaz, Chalet Royal offers stunning views of the Rhone valley. The hotel provides shuttle transfer services to transport its guests to and from the town’s center, which is within walking distance. Its advantageous location also makes it easier for visitors to enjoy the nearby skiing and snowboarding facilities during the winter season.


Chalet Royal provides guests with an opportunity to experience the Swiss Alps like never before. With its stunning surroundings, luxury accommodations, and exceptional service, this hotel promises an unforgettable vacation. If you are looking to escape to a serene environment where you can indulge in luxury, then Chalet Royal should be on top of your list of Swiss mountain getaways.