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Home » Colonel Saab restaurant set to be opened by Jewel Classic Hotels in Holborn, London.

Colonel Saab restaurant set to be opened by Jewel Classic Hotels in Holborn, London.

Colonel Saab restaurant set to be opened by Jewel Classic Hotels in Holborn, London.

Jewel Classic Hotels to open Colonel Saab restaurant in Holborn, London

Jewel Classic Hotels has announced that it will be opening a new restaurant, Colonel Saab, in Holborn, London. The restaurant is set to open in spring 2022 and will be located at 124 High Holborn.

Colonel Saab: A Concept Restaurant

The new restaurant, Colonel Saab, is a concept restaurant that will explore the unique and distinct flavors of traditional Indian cuisine. The restaurant will feature a blend of classic and contemporary dishes that will be carefully crafted to provide a unique dining experience for guests.

The restaurant’s menu will showcase the culinary heritage of India with dishes that have been inspired by the rich history and culture of the country. From street food to authentic family-style meals, the menu will allow guests to embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the diversity and complexity of Indian cuisine.

The Ambience of the Restaurant

Along with the food, the restaurant’s ambience will also be a major attraction for guests. The décor will be modern and chic while still retaining the traditional Indian elements. The restaurant’s interiors will be sophisticated and luxurious, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests.

Colonel Saab will be an ideal location for both corporate and social events, with separate function rooms available for private parties and corporate events.

The Future of Jewel Classic Hotels

The opening of Colonel Saab marks Jewel Classic Hotels’ entry into London’s bustling restaurant scene. The company is confident that the unique concept and experience of the restaurant will attract food enthusiasts, tourists, and locals alike.

Jewel Classic Hotels is a growing hospitality company that is dedicated to offering unique and luxurious experiences to its guests. The company operates numerous luxury hotels and resorts in India, and the opening of Colonel Saab is just the beginning of its expansion into the global market.

Final Thoughts

Jewel Classic Hotels’ Colonel Saab restaurant is sure to be a welcome addition to London’s vibrant restaurant scene. The unique concept and culinary experience of the restaurant make it a must-visit for food enthusiasts looking to embark on a culinary journey through India.

The combination of traditional and contemporary elements in the décor and ambience of the restaurant is sure to create a memorable dining experience for guests. The future looks bright for Jewel Classic Hotels, and we look forward to seeing what other luxurious experiences the brand has to offer!