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Home » Cathay Pacific lost my luggage. What can I do to get a reasonable response?

Cathay Pacific lost my luggage. What can I do to get a reasonable response?

Cathay Pacific lost my luggage. What can I do to get a reasonable response?

Cathay Pacific lost my luggage

Nothing can ruin the excitement of arriving at your destination quite like discovering that your luggage has been lost. Unfortunately, it can happen to anyone, even when travelling with a highly reputable airline like Cathay Pacific. So, if you have found yourself in this situation, here is what you can do to get a reasonable response.

Report the missing luggage immediately to Cathay Pacific staff

If you discover that your luggage has been lost, do not wait to report it. Head directly to the airline’s baggage claim counter and report the missing items to a member of staff. It is important to have your boarding pass and baggage tag on hand to make the process smoother and quicker.

Fill out a lost luggage report

Cathay Pacific staff will ask you to fill out a lost luggage report, which will detail your flight information and the description of your missing luggage. Be as specific as possible, including suitable contact details as the airline will use these to update you on any developments.

Track your luggage online

Cathay Pacific has an online baggage tracing system that you can access via their website. Using your baggage tag number, you can track your luggage and see if there have been any updates to the situation.

Contact the Cathay Pacific customer service team

If you are yet to hear anything about your luggage, it is recommended that you reach out to the Cathay Pacific customer service team. It is best to do this in written form, so you have a record of all communication. You can contact them through email or social media, including Twitter and Facebook. Be clear about the situation, what steps you have taken so far, and what you want the airline to do to resolve the issue.

Know your rights

As a passenger, you have certain rights when it comes to lost luggage. In the event that your luggage is not found within a reasonable amount of time, you may be entitled to compensation to cover the cost of replacing the lost items. It is best to familiarize yourself with Cathay Pacific’s luggage policy before you travel to ensure you are fully aware of these rights.


It can be incredibly frustrating and stressful when your luggage goes missing, but by following these steps and staying calm, you can increase your chances of getting a reasonable response from Cathay Pacific. Remember, their priority is to locate your luggage as quickly as possible, so give them as much information as possible to enable them to do their job.