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A Royal Plea for Pickers in Britain

A Royal Plea for Pickers in Britain

Pick for Britain Royal Appeal: A Call for Support for British Farmers

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a lot of uncertainties in different sectors, including agriculture. Farmers in the UK are having a hard time recruiting workers to help pick fruits and vegetables to keep the country’s food supply chains running. To address this issue, the Royal family, led by Prince Charles, has launched the Pick for Britain campaign to encourage people to take up seasonal work in agriculture and to support British farmers.

Why is Pick for Britain Campaign Necessary?

Since the start of the pandemic, travel restrictions have made it difficult for farmers to hire the same number of migrant workers they usually do. These workers are essential in ensuring crops are picked on time and food supply chains keep running smoothly. During this period, when there has been a surge in demand for locally sourced food, the shortage of workers has put a lot of pressure on UK farmers.

The Pick for Britain campaign is, therefore, a way to encourage UK residents to step up and help with seasonal farming work. This includes those who may be furloughed or unemployed due to the pandemic and looking for work. The campaign seeks to show the importance of seasonal work in the agriculture sector, the benefits and opportunities it provides and encourages individuals to apply for farm work vacancies.

The Role of the Royal Family in the Campaign

Prince Charles has led the campaign as the Patron of the Royal Agricultural Society of England. He is also known for his advocacy for sustainable agriculture as a means to tackle climate change. By launching the Pick for Britain campaign, he hopes to inspire more people to consider agriculture as a vital sector that deserves support from everyone.

The Princess Royal, also known for her work with horses, has also added her voice to the campaign and called on UK residents to help with agriculture work. Other members of the royal family, including Prince William and Kate Middleton, have shown their support for the campaign through their social media platforms.

How to Get Involved

If you are interested in supporting UK farmers by taking up seasonal work, you can visit the Pick for Britain website. The site offers information on recruitment agencies supporting farmers and a list of jobs available across the country.

If you are unable to take up farm work, you can also help support the campaign by promoting it on social media or purchasing locally grown produce to support British farmers.


The Pick for Britain campaign is an essential effort to support UK farmers during this challenging period. The Royal family’s involvement in this campaign shows the importance of agriculture in the country and the need for everyone to come together to help support the industry. By taking up seasonal work or supporting the campaign through other means, we can all play a role in helping to keep the country’s food supply chains running.